What do you love/hate about the Boo update?

What do you love/hate about the Boo update?

It's official. The Boo update was released today and everyone's been playing. As a result, the Minecraft forums and wiki having experienced a lot of high traffic and breaking member online records and such. Minecraft, sadly, too is experincing problems. But, thankfully, CraftHub is still up but isexperiencinghigh-traffic, too! MinecraftWorkbench, if you need mods and help, is also up. But, I've managed to pry myself off the update for a while to bring you this article. What I think of the update and more importantly, whatyou think of the update!

[caption id="attachment_1345" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="Ghast attack! They are a pain!"][/caption]

First of all, the thing I love about the update is pressing F1. Go ahead, if you're in Minecraft, try it. It's a snap to take pictures, now! Thank you Notch for doing this. Oh, try pressing F5 then press F1. It's YOU and HUDless. Great for certain types of machinimas!Also pressing F10 makes the game passed for how ever long you hold it but no screen to go back. It's like pressing halt on time. It's nifty, try it when you can. Lastly, the new grass looks a bit more dark. It's OK, though, because I got a crazy world map and I love it.

Lastly, the Ghasts are really mean! I mean I was minding my own business then bam! One, out of nowhere, came and attacked me. They burned through the hole I was under and I fell into lava. I lost all of my precious stuff. That's just cruel. But, they are huge. I mean, it's hard killing them. They are a challenge, but a fun challenge. As for exploring. It's really hard because the large vistas in the Nether are huge and the caverns are wide. One drop and you're dead on the floor or your skin will be burned to a crisp. But, hey it's the Nether. What's not to like about it? That's what I've got so far, from playing the new update!


ID List:

87 = Bloodstone
88 = New dirt block
89 = Gold block

90 = Teleporter to hellworld

86 = Pumpkin Head
91 = Mad Pumpkin Head

- Erlend Ellingsen

Thanks for the tip, Erlend Ellingsen!

What's your opinion on the new update?

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