Cloth. Adding color to Minecraft one block at a time.

Cloth. Adding color to Minecraft one block at a time.

User Zvonimirquinn over at created mod that allows you to craft paint buckets to dye cloth. Its a really cool mod seeing as you have to combine colors to get all thedifferentcloth types. So for example if you wanted orange you would combine a red cloth and then a yellow cloth. End result would be an orange cloth like below.

It is Zvonimirquinn first mod he has ever created and I got to say it is a great one.HopefullyNotch can see the beautyin this mod and think about adding it to Minecraft. But for now we can enjoy what we have. Anyways if you want to see the full colorcombinations and how to craft the dyes then head over to the links below. P.S: If you are reading this before the Halloween update then I would like to say that this might not work after the update. Check back on the thread ever once and awhile to get the latest update to the mod. Thread: Download:

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