A huge ice temple in minecraft

A huge ice temple in minecraft

I've seen ice. I've seen temples. I've never seen anything likethis. Crafthub fan, Karzafalemailed us about an awesome ice temple portal roomthat he and his friend Blackhole12made. Talk about going to hell in style!I personally love working with ice, and I wish you could get it in alpha without cheating. I used it for water placeholders, small buildings, but never something like THIS!We'd love to see some more stuff made with ice. Crafthub readers, send us some more ice buildings and sculptures!

Karzafal says

*Made in Survival Multiplayer.
*Total used blocks: around 10,244
*Made entirely of ice. (Bad idea if you want to see at night xD.)

I decided I wanted to build something big, something for the new Halloween update for Minecraft. I needed a large flat area, and I thought, why not build on the ice? It's flat and a large space. What better way to go to a fiery dimension than through a temple made entirely of ice?

Blackhole12 was a huge help in the construction of this, he is a freelance programmer and musician.

He is currently working on a game, Decoherence, look forward to it in the next year.

Also check out his channel for extremely (EXTREMELY) early prototype tests of the game. http://www.youtube.com/user/Blackhole...

Song: Jigyakuteki Dairi Dairi Sensou
Artist: Ooshima Michiru

Thanks for watching.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/RE/

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