The Gladiator for Minecraft!

The Gladiator for Minecraft!

Remember that sweet movie back in the year 2000? The one with Russel Crowe? Yeah, The Gladiator! Turns out, kevinepope, along with his friends, have recreated the trailer of The Gladiator. Not to mention the trailer features some sweet builds. Like a roman empire in Minecraft! Also, it's got some cinematic experiences. But that damn crosshair ruins it! Argh. Thankfully, you'll be able to turn your GUI on and off for Minecraft machinima. Anyway, if you loved The Gladiator, you'll love this.

kevinepope says:

Special thanks to Logan and Dan for their contributions.

Thanks also to the /r/minecraft community at large and Vareide's awesome Fanmade Trailer for inspiration.

This an homage to two of our favorite things - Minecraft and over-the-top action movies, shot entirely on our private SMP Server. We started by building the Colosseum. Original video of construction here:

Once the Colosseum was built it seemed as though we should do something cool with it. So we built the rest of Rome and started filming.

Here's the orignal movie trailer:

The music is The Battle by Hans Zimmer, copyrights belong to him.

and the Minecraft trailer is here:

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