Minecraft Changes Soon

Minecraft Changes Soon

The good folks over atdevelop-online.net interviewedNotch yesterday while giving us a little insight on what is next for Mojang Specifications and what we can expect for Minecraft in the near future. One question that popped out of the rest was how Notch was going to keep Minecraft fresh so that customerskeep playing and new customer keep buying.
Once we get the company up and running, we can hopefully ramp up development speed a bit, and get the multiplayer mode fully functioning. Once that’s in place, I think there’s a huge potential in competitive multiplayer modes like capture the flag and so on, which should keep people – including myself – interested for a long time. For the single player game and co-op game, I plan on adding some kind of overarching narrative to the game to drive the player forward and provide a sense of direction, and add many more new features, like monster towns and alchemy.
Well you heard it from the big man himself. Notch also posted today that he is moving into the office January 1st. So hopefully we will be seeing these new features and more come January and February. If you want to read the full interview and learn somethings you probably didn't know about Minecraft, then head over to the links below. Interview: http://www.develop-online.net/news/36206/Markus-Persson-maps-out-Minecrafts-future

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