Half a million Minecraft purchases! Whoa.

Half a million Minecraft purchases! Whoa.

Man, oh man, it has been quite a journey to see Minecraft's exposure go this far. I remember Minecraft, way back in August 2009, when it was little. By that, I mean when I registered the 55,555th account, and I bought the 1000th or so copy. I remember when the game was known by few and hundreds would sign up, not thousands. I remember when Notch was not haggled by Minecraft fans on Twitter. I remember a lot of things, but I didn't think, for one second, that Minecraft would be at 500k purchases at this point. For that, I say congratulations.

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Congratulations to Mojang and Notch. You've make a game many people enjoy and now 500,000 people bought. It's games like these that come every so often. To top it all off, it's not owned by some giant corporation who's only way to get feedback is from the underpaid and overstaffed community support. So, thanks Notch! Here's to a million sales! Only one question now, who bought the 500,000th copy of Minecraft?

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