An easier way to edit skins!

An easier way to edit skins!

Ever wanted to create your own Minecraft skin? But then you later found out it was too hard? Well, we're in the same boat! Until... now! Readers, I present to you Miners Need Cool Shoes. Strange website name for a website that lets you edit skins. Although, I assume it's somemetaphor. Like having a cool shoe defines your new outfit? I don't know, either way the application is still awesome. Don't get me wrong, I've tried editing skins. It was hard at first, but even then I still find it annoying. There's just wasn't any organizaiotn and it was tedious getting the template outevery-time. Not to mention, if I wanted to see how it looked in the end, it would take a while.

[caption id="attachment_1239" align="alignnone" width="537" caption="Editing a new Minecraft skin!"][/caption]

If you see on the right of the picture above, it's a Minecraft default mob! But, guess what? It's the live preview of what you're editing on the skin to the left! How cool is that? That's really nice and it will save a lot of time for any skin makers.Also, the browsing the skins others have made is pretty cool (and hilarious). So, without a doubt, to any Minecraft skin-makers, I urge you to take a look atthe site.

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