Are mods the way of the future?

Are mods the way of the future?

We've all seen them. Some of us approve, while other reject. Some people say they don't like it because it ruins the spirit of the game. Others like it because it brings a more enjoyable experience. But the obvious thing here is that more people use mods, than those who don't. For example, there are pages of mods in the official Minecraft forum. That should be reason enough. And why? Because the Minecraft source is obfuscated. An obfuscated code, basically, means that someone took the original code (Notch did) and scrambled it around. But, alas, people are still making mods. Isn't that just a lot of work for a mod? Gotta give them credit, though.

Well, good news is that Notch is making an API for Minecraft! It's been said many times over and I'm sure you can find it on his blog or twitter. But, it's gonna happen. This means people will be able to effectivley create more modifications to the game. More people will be able to read the API and create new mods (like me!). Personally, I can't wait until this happens. It's just mixing two of my favorite things: programming and Minecraft!

I think the mods enlighten the experience of Minecraft. Sure, having a row of coal in 4 seconds or a row of coal in 4 hours and one hell of trip? Most people say it doesn't bother them because, technically, they are just fast-forwarding by getting hacked materials. I say nay! What's the experience without the adventure? But some mods like the AutoCart and Bridge mod are fun and more enjoyment. Anyway, what are your opinions on mods in Minecraft? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Discuss below. :)

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