Why I listen to The Shaft and you should too!

Why I listen to The Shaft and you should too!

There's very few things I hate while on the computer. One of those things is listening to someone talk. But, I just checked that off my list. Why? Because I found out about The Shaft. I found out about The Shaft while lurking through the megathread on Facepunch. It's an awesome podcast about Minecraft. They sit around and talk about Minecraft and Minecraft-relatedcontent. Not only that but they talk about interesting things in Minecraft. And they use memes in a regular but subtlefashion. Lastly, their name says it all. A clever refrence to mining and Minecraft. It's a shame they only do their podcast once a week. But hey, you know what they say... "Great things take a lot of time!" and this is no exception.

Anyway, me being ... me. As soon as I was linked, I decided to start from the top. Their latest podcast which was number 4. And low and behold... they mentioned CraftHub.net at around the 35 minute mark. I was surprised and honored. A podcast like this should not go unnoticed. It contains quality Minecraft-y goodness. I encourage anyone who plays Minecraft to go give them a listen. At least, enjoy their artwork!

Listen to The Shaft!

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/QQ/

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