The first-ever PvP/RPG Survival Server.

The first-ever PvP/RPG Survival Server.

OK, you'd think that a game with swords, monsters, and maps, it would have some RPG mode. But no, Minecraft is purely a sandbox game. Built, create, add, destroy -- let your imagination go wild on the Survival Multiplayer RPG server called Prospect RPG. It is being developed by Minecraft fan named langricr. It's IP is: Yeah, you have to type that in. Better than numbers and dots, right?Anyway, now we can play attack other players and soon be able to level up skills! It's like an RPG dream come true! Not only will out builds have meaning, but it will be able to kill other players! I mean, think about it, with the recent traps in Minecraft, it's only a matter of time before someone conjures up a deadly trap that willeffectivelykill someone on the server.

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I had the lucky chance to talk to langricr. He told me he was putting many RPG elements on the server. Things such as mining levels, woodcutting levels, firemaking levels, and experience. Not only that, but he was making the server non-public. That meant, for now, the only RPG server was his. So, if you want to play an RPG on Minecraft, right now, you'd have to connect to Prospect RPG. I have to say, I wasted a lot of time on this server. I fought other players with my trust sword. I hiked for higher ground. I trekked across to find food. My enemies were no longer just monsters, but other players.

Chances are, the development for this will keep going strong. Soon, we'll be able to tell each other our fishing levels. Our strength levels. Show off our forts (wait, we already could do that!). It's only a matter of time before this place gets a decent following. I know I'm keeping a huge eye on this. I love RPGs and with Minecraft combined, it's an ingenious idea. Lastly, the idea of factions (a.k.a. clans) onlystrengthensthe anticipation of the arrival of a fully-functioning RPG/PvP server. But hey, don't take my word for it. Join the survival server at Yes, you have to type everything, even the www part. So, if you're free, I may see you there!

langricr says:


PVP? what?
Yes, we are implementing a sort of fake PVP for the server, by using mathematics we will be determining when a player would take damage and subtracting it from a health integer, when the health integer reaches 0, they'll die, drop all their stuff, and be teleported back to spawn or hopefully as of Oct, 31st. Hell.

While we are still going over some details regarding other parts of the system, we've settled on using Circles as the skill tree system.

Circle Overview
The skill tree is broken into two major categories, Mind and Body.
These circles utilize three attributes each as well as multiple sub-circles related to ability classifications.

Body contains the attributes Health, Endurance and Stamina:

    Health: Determines your characters maximum health.
    Endurance: Determines your resistance to physical damage.
    Stamina: Determines your characters agility and ability to work longer.

Mind contains the attributes Wisdom, Intelligence and Luck:
    Wisdom: Determines your maximum mana capacity and mana regeneration rate.
    Intelligence: Determines the effectiveness of magic and resistance to magical damage.
    Luck: Determines nothing specifically but affects everything. (Just like every game tells you)

So far, we've only developed one sub-circle of Mind to share, Magic. The Magic subcircle contains more subcircles within it relating to the magic elements such as Fire, or Time. So the circle hierarchy would be:
Mind -> Magic -> Wind
Mind -> Magic -> Time

It's up to the player how they'll proceed in these two circles, it's a classless system now so you're free to develop your character as you see fit, just keep in mind that we plan to make it take VERY long to max everything.

Heres how you would progress in training, when you cast a spell or utilize an ability, you'll gain EXP into the circle that the used action belongs to. So Mind.Magic.Fire would gain EXP every time you would use say, the fireball spell. This is fine and well, but what if you want to start learning some wind spells? You might not have a spell to use that belongs to Mind.Magic.Wind so you'll have to convert some EXP from Mind.Magic.Fire to Mind.Magic at a conversion cost specific to that circle. Once the EXP is there, you can then convert it from Mind.Magic to Mind.Magic.Wind at no cost, and thus apply it to a spell there. Additionally, converting from Mind.Magic to the Mind circle will incur additional costs but you allows you to put it into attributes, or additional circles such as possibly Mind.Invent for future crafting. You cannot convert EXP between Mind and Body.

We are currently working on the other circles, let us know with suggestions.

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