The Amazing Roman Coliseum Replica

The Amazing Roman Coliseum Replica

It's no big news that some people like to have great projects at Minecraft, but this stands out. It's a 1:1 scale replica of the roman Coliseum, and it has amazing detail and is quite accurate to the real thing. Take a deep breath and get ready to all this awesomeness.

Me (TheHANGOVER), LaserPanda, and Rastadogg have been working on a secret project on my server, some of you know what it is, and most just knew there was "The Place". Well today we feel like we are at the point where we want to announce it.

Day 0 The Prequel.
Needed to find land, somewhere very far away from everything. Someplace where we can make something huge without it being seen. Far enough it wont seem to be apart of the same map.

We found it.

Day 1
Now we need to flatten the land, lets see its 50 blocks tall. Okay done, we will make it 5 blocks above sea level give it a buffer. Whats next, O only 189 block length... Okay thats only what 3 mountains? Done. Great 156 block width :/ only 2 more mountains. Finnaly a days work behind a pickaxe and TNT blocks is done.

Day 2
We picked a material, and we layed out the length and width. It was time to start.

Laser whiped up some great paint pics to use as a guide and we got to work.

Day 3

Laser whipped up some more paint pics and we started building the suppost coloums.

Day 4

Started the arches, the poles that hold up the awning, and tested out ideas for the roof.

Day 5

Finished the arches, and the poles, still alot to go.

Day 6

Figured out how we were doing the roof and finished it, started on some of the flooring, and redid the emperurs box.

Day 7
Replaced the arch supports with half-steps, added ALOT more flooring, and remade the arena entrances to something alot cooler.

Day 8ish (take place over a few days)
A couple days went by without any work on the Coloseum. We never said it, but everyone was dredding the stands. (We still had doughts it would work)

In the mean time Laser started making the Arch of Constantine, It turned out really well if you ask me.

Well we finnaly got around to starting the Stands, the Senators were easy, double seats enough space. Tried some unsucesfull expirements with the middle stands, it made us nervous. Top stands worked, stairs and all, huge relief.

Day 9 or "Welcome to the present"
Stands, Done. Arena, Done. Outside arches, Done. We stand, we look, we think its time for a public release.

The view

The Arena

The outside

The Top view

The 3rd floor

The carto

The coloseum is only the first building in the new city of Romana and still isnt finnished, we have to make the basment, finish stairs and make the Gladiator schools.

We also already started on the Circus Maximus (to be used for pig races)
The plans:

And we also plan to recreate the pantheon.
On the 31st, if PVP comes with the Boo, we will be having a week of games, including 1v1, teams, 1 v Mobs, and team Mobs on the Coliseum. (more info yet to come, we have to plan it out)

The Extra help: people who either teleported in and "holy shit"-ed or I invited them to see. They all helped out somehow and we have to thank them.


As you can see, this is amazing. After looking at the real thing and at the ingame building, we see how amazing it is. That is possibly my favourite Minecraft project to date, even though we've all seen some pretty impressive stuff, I was there - and even helped out a bit.

We'll keep on posted on the Romana project - expect a post when the Coliseum is done! :D

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