Real-life Minecraft Trailer

Real-life Minecraft Trailer

Finally a decent Minecraft trailer in real-life, not to mention hilarious! Reader Jonathan Bloom sent me this via email and I gotta say... thanks! At first glance, I thought this was professionally done. Then I knew what it was, a really well fan-made trailer by PulpitPower. The music is great, the actors are great, the skit is short and simple. It's about Minecraft, but with a serious tone. It's one of those things you have to watch to understand. But you should watch this trailer either way. Why? Because it's awesome and about Minecraft! What's not to like about it? OK, enough talk! Here it is.

PulpitPower says:

Wake up on island. Punch Trees. Annoy wife:


Music by Michael Garth ( )

and the video in all it's glory:

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