Bridges in Minecraft are so much easier.

Bridges in Minecraft are so much easier.

Ever wanted to make a bridge in Minecraft? You probably already have! We found an amazing mod that not only does that, but allows the functionality of so much more! I present to you the Bridge Block mod by Sunrise_78! It's full of examples and amazing things. For example, someone made a sweet drawbridge. So, this is just a step further into functioning castles! Man, this is like re-discovering Earth's resources. For example, the invention of electricity is,essentially, redstone. The HoverBoat mod is the invention of Hovercrafts! And so on and so forth. I'm sure with enough fidgeting around, you too can make something awesome!Anyway, to make a bridge you just have to put two or more blocks apart from each other and some redstone wiring and level and hit the switch. BAM! Instabridge in minecraft! But don't take my word for it, the post below has a way better tutorial.

Sunrise_78 says:

Update :
V1.2 was off(due to a serious problem), Bridge Block V1.4+ is now on :))
I had one more bridge : the cactus bridge and made theses important changes :

-> Unique Max bridge length = 10 blocks
-> Now, every bridges block will look like iron block when unactivated and gold block when activated!
-> bridges are no longer indestructible
-> a bridge bloc pluged in is indestructible, turn off the redstone power if you want to destroy it
-> if you attemp to destroy a part of the bridge, you "break" the mecanism and your bridge dissapear + amm your bridges blocks that were on, creating the part of the bridge you destroyed are turn into gravel so be carefull ^^
V1.4+b -> the cactus hurts ^^
I hope these changes will please you.

I think i get rid of all glitches this time, tell me if you find some !

Soon to come :- Bridge made off every kind of block
- I will be working on the furnace interface!

Installation :

(I changed some ID block in order to clean the mod, i won't do it again until the new interface i think)

Here is the mod Bridge blocks mod V1.4+b Have fun ! and thank you for your support!

You need ModLoader if it is the first time you install the mod :
(More detailled instructions at the end of the post)

Old updates:
V1.1 fix:-Fix staying upper block
-Fix deficient Floodgate
-Add 2 New recipe : Gold instead of Iron, bridges lengths can be up to 10 !

V1.2 Fix : reforged mod so few bugs corrected
- new bridge type
- changing color when activated bridge blocks

Presentation :

Hello everyone !

What i really like about Minecraft is the interraction with the world, creating things, destroying things, making houses and traps !!
But i felt like the world was too static despite the day / night cycle, monsters, and all the things you can do with redstone.

so i created a new block : the bridge block!

This is how it works :

If you place two bridge blocks up to 6 blocks far like that :
[DBlock] [] [] [] [] [] [] [DBlock]
Connecting one of the 2 block to a redstone source will fill air blocks with stone ! :
[--+] [,,,,] [,,,,] [,,,,] [DBlock] [stone] [stone] [stone] [stone] [stone] [stone] [DBlock] (with redstone torch = [--+] and restone = [,,,,])

(you can do that in every 6 direction)

Here is a video for better understanding : (thanks to mu3d93!)

Moreover, one block alone connected to a restone source will fill the upper block with stone :

Block alone :
[] [] []
[] [] []
[] [] [DBlock]

The same block connected :
[] [] []
[] [] [stone] <- a stone block appeared !
[--+] [,,,,] [DBlock]

You can use that to create a lot of stuff :

FloodGate + lightswitch + creepy house :

Note : I didn't record the video, I just took the idea!

Drawbridge :

Verrou made a really cool video :) Thanks to him !

Traps ? :

Safe floor, trap disabled.

[] [DBlock] [DBlock] [DBlock] [DBlock] []
[DBlock] [stone] [stone] [stone] [stone] [DBlock]
[DBlock] [stone] [stone] [stone] [stone] [DBlock]
[DBlock] [stone] [stone] [stone] [stone] [DBlock]
[DBlock] [stone] [stone] [stone] [stone] [DBlock]
[] [DBlock] [DBlock] [DBlock] [DBlock] []

No floor, trap enable

[] [DBlock] [DBlock] [DBlock] [DBlock] []
[DBlock] [] [] [] [] [DBlock]
[DBlock] [] [] [] [] [DBlock]
[DBlock] [] [] [] [] [DBlock]
[DBlock] [] [] [] [] [DBlock]
[] [DBlock] [DBlock] [DBlock] [DBlock] []

Well you'll just figure it out ^^

TO create the block use the recipe :

[Iron] [Iron] []
[wood] [wood] []
[Iron] [Iron] [Red] with [Red] = redstone if you want a bridge block that create wood blocks

[Iron] [Iron] []
[stone] [stone] []
[Iron] [Iron] [Red] with [Red] = redstone if you want a bridge block that create stone blocks

Installation !

Note : I used as a base for the mod the very usefull modLoader from Risugami

To install this mod, go in "run", type "%appdata%/.minecraft./bin".

Make a backup of minecraft.jar !!

open "minecraft.jar" with Winrar,
- delete the META-INF folder
- uncompress and paste the following files in minecraft.jar :


Bridge blocks mod V1.4+b

If you have any questions or feedbacks feel free to ask !

This and more mods are featured on the Mod Compendium - don't forget to check it out!

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