The Mod Compendium - Updated!

The Mod Compendium - Updated!

Some people don't know about them, but Minecraft's being heavily modded in the past few months. Mods add or change features of the game, and it's always good to have options. We'll be adding lots of mods here, so check this post out every now and then!

Progress Bars

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="580" caption="Punching trees: now a bit less hurting."][/caption]

More of a texture change than a mod (still gets in the mod category), you know the cracking that shows up when you're breaking a block? This mods changes it to progress bars / circles. Lots of different shapes avaiable. Thread:

Higher Clouds

Simple mod, changes the height of the clouds, both the 3D and sprite ones.


Risugami's Mods:

  • Light Sensor

Official description: "The Light Sensor mod adds a new craftable block, that is a new input for redstone mechanisms. It turns on if it is hit with a sufficient amount of light."

  • ModLoader

Official description: "A mod manager program that stops conflicts with mods that alter rendering(kx.class), recipes(dw.class), static references(di.class and ly.class), add entities(ew.class), smeltables or fuel." Required for a few mods to work.

  • Elemental Arrows

Official description: "The Elemental Arrows mod adds four new types of arrows; explosive arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, and a joke weapon, egg arrows.. They are crafted the same way as normal arrows, but the head is replaced based on the element; gunpowder for explosive, coal for fire, bucket of water for ice, and egg for, well, egg. Crafting an explosive arrow only gives you one arrow, and it explodes upon impact. Crafting a fire arrow gives you one arrow, that will ignite stuff upon impact. Crafting an ice arrow gives you four arrows, that will freeze water into ice, lava springs into obsidian, put out fire, and break torches. Egg arrows spawn chickens upon impact with the ground, but there's a secret too. Includes custom icons for the arrows!" For the custom icons, you might wanna use Overlayer. Video

  • More Stackables

Official description: "This mod makes buckets and food stackable up to 16 in stack, saddles, doors, and signs up to 8 in a stack, minecarts and boats up to 4 in a stack."

  • More Worlds

This mod adds 5 more worlds in the main menu. Quite useful if you don't like to delete/backup your saves.

  • Slime Fix

Official description: "Fixes the spawning of slimes, from the random strips in which they will rarely spawn, to random chunks in which they're more likely to spawn, as Notch intended." The pink areas on the picture are where the slimes can spawn.

  • Sign Tags

Official description: "Type [time] into a sign, and it will show the current time. You can also type [x], [y], or [z] and find the current position of the sign in regards to that axis. [a|b] is a redstone input function for signs, where text replacing 'a' will be shown when the sign is powered, otherwise 'b' is shown."

  • Death Chest

This mod creates a chest in the place where you died, if you had one on your inventory. Upon death, all your items (or as many as a chest can hold) will be there for when you get back.

All of Risugami's mods can be found at his thread on the official forums:

Willem's Mods:

  • Cheese and Fried Eggs

Official description: "It basically adds cheese and fried eggs into the game. If you put a bucket of milk in a furnace, it'll become cheese! Unfortunately, you'll lose your bucket too. It is compensated though, as cheese heals 5 hearts. Only a golden apple and fried eggs heal more then cheese! Just put an egg in a furnace to cook it. It heals 6 hearts." He even offers an overlay to add to your favourite texture pack so you can have icons on your game. You might want to use Overlayer. Video

  • Redstone Pickaxe

A redstone pickaxe (no way) that destroys blocks really, really quickly. Not recommended if you value balance. Really recommended if you just want to have fun or play Alpha like Creative.

All of Willem's mods can be found at his thread on the official forums:


Removes friction, gravity and makes using minecarts way less frustrating. Or we could say easier. Oh well. It's quite handy for big trips, or if you just don't feel like making boosters. Features as shown on the thread:

  • Removes "friction" & "gravity" from cart physics: carts move only after pushed and then accelerate to top speed instantly & stay at it forever.

  • Adds punch control to carts: punch a moving cart to stop it, punch a stopped cart from inside it to go in the direction you're facing. (Punch again to stop). Punch a stopped cart from outside of it to break it down as usual.

  • Automatically puts you inside newly placed carts. It was too easy to accidentally push new carts and then have to watch them take off very quickly down the rail and not come back. This feature is optional. If you feel confident that you will always put carts at least one full block away from your person, then opt out by only copying oc.class and not jo.class



Improved Chat Funcionality

Adds (as you might have guessed) lots of new things to the multiplayer chat, like Copy/Paste, rolling with PgUp/PgDwn, logging, colors and more.


Reusable Bookshelves

A simple but handy mod that makes bookshelves drop bookshelve miniblocks when destroyed.


Flint Crafting Another simple mod, that removes the random chance of droping flint when destroying gravel blocks. Instead, craft flint by placing 3 gravel blocks in a line shape.


Stack That Mob!

A mod that makes mobs ride each other, making stacks. Doesn't have a height limit, but mobs suffocate if they get stuck in ceilings.


Repair Tools

Lets you repair Swords, Spades, Pickaxes, Axes, Hoes, Flint/Steel and Armor to full uses. "To repair a tool you place the tool in your crafting grid and immediately above it you use the appropriate repair"


Scroll The Sky

Makes you able to change the time of day by simply holding your Left Ctrl key and moving the mouse. Might be a bit too intensive if you mess with the lighting too much. Video



This mod makes the boat able to fly, hover and jump and also go 1.8x faster! This is also clientside - it works on servers, but ask the owner to see if it's ok! Video


Bridge Block

This mod adds a new type of block, activated by redstone, that creates a stone-block link between two blocks. Sounds confusing? Check this video out.

It's extremely useful, be it for drawbridges or floodgates. Or even for simple bridges. :)


Remember, we'll be adding more mods here!

Updated: Risugami's Death Chest, Bridge Block

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