Parliaments in my Minecraft!? Check. (updated!)

Parliaments in my Minecraft!? Check. (updated!)

Alright, I don't know how I missed this, but this looks awesome! No, it's not really a workingparliamentin Minecraft, but it's really the Hungarian ParliamentBuilding built by Saiko. He calls it "Project Parliament!". I gotta say, it's looking really nice. I have never seen red used as much on a full-scale building as this. Either way, mad props to Saiko for building something this. Never in many years would we think someone were to build a building in Minecraft. Just kidding, it was only a matter of time before someone made a GIANT building, like this one actually. I mean, we've seen Cathedrals, the Reichstag, Enterprise-D, and now this? Minecraft, you're awesome for allowing us to free our imagination. Not only that, but we can build our own kingdom coupled with our own style of electricity (see Redstone). For that, we thank you.

Saiko says:

Since the beginning of September I've decided to try building again so I looked around and eventually came into the Hungarian Parliament Building:


Inspired by both it, and that Palace of Justice thing some other guys at the McZall/Lawl HQ were playing, I decided to try out building it. I haven't checked yet, but I'm sure that I have the scale 1:1 and its currently being built on a 384x - 384y - 128z map.

Upon comparing the two you'll be able to see immediate differences and likeness, I originally wanted to emulate it into Minecraft, but halfway through of my current progress just decided to build how I wanted.

I'm on and off working on it and will try to finish it by the end of September. I might also have to double the mapheight because I think I'll easily run out of vertical space now. Later on I might add a lot of other exterior details, not sure yet.

Also if you want to check it out, its on dysgalt's server in my map.

This was from early September. I've made a lot of progress now, and will show how I totally revamped it. I started out trying to emulate the building but realized that I wasn't being creative.. I wasn't allowing myself to do what I wanted to do. So I dropped it and now the project is a product of my own, the only thing this and the Hungarian Parliament building share now are the general shapes of the walls, but even those have their differences from mine. So I'll show how it started out up to where I'm at now with a bunch of screenshots..


What I have left to do is the interior which is currently being worked on, and all the surrounding areas.

If you want to check it out then click on this link. Afterwards use "/map saiko" to check it out ingame.

UPDATE: It seems CraftHub has exceeded a second user's bandwidth! People need to stop using Photobucket! :( Anyway, I've re-added all of the Parliament pictures Saiko sent me and put them on a webpage. Enjoy!

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