How Minecraft looks in "really fancy" mode.

How Minecraft looks in "really fancy" mode.

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If Minecraft's rendering had one more option of render type of "really fancy", it would most likely be this video made by Cresty. It's the same guy who made Dreamcraft, the video I blogged about, and Interstate v3, thevideoNotch blogged about. See, I now I've said before that texture packs really are not my thing. It takes away the original and vibrant feel of Minecraft. But, something like this comes along and changes my mind instantly! Seriously, this is like what a game would look like if it was hyped up on graphics. People would no longer diss Minecraft for it's blocky graphics and characters. People would envy Minecraft for it's amazing handle on graphics actually, let alone on a browser! The video creator says he is using motion blur and some color level effects. Minecraft needs that, now. I don't care how much work it will take, it needs that. Word has it is that Cresty may make a 4-5 minute video using these settings mixed with regular Minecraft gameplay. How awesome! At any rate, I can't wait to see what Cresty comes up with next!

Cresty says:

Experimenting again... Used MVtools for Motion Estimated blur.

If you're interested in a free (and better IMO) pixel and/or vector estimate motion blur toolset:

Music is Orange by Mindthings

and here is the awesome video:

Short url :

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