deadmau5 + minecraft = awesome.

deadmau5 + minecraft = awesome.

If youaren'tfamiliar with deadmau5, he is aCanadianhouse musicproducer. You might know him for his single, Ghosts N Stuff (Listen under video). I attempted making a skin of him, which you can see here. Earlier today, deadmau5 posted a video of him struggling to get a pig into a minecart on an infinite track for the amusement of his self, and what I can only assume is his girlfriend. This probably isn't a big deal to anyone besides a couple of deadmau5 fans and minecraft fans, but I think it's really neat that a celebrity plays minecraft. There's probably a bunch more, and if you have proof that well know person plays minecraft, post it in the comments!

Here's the video in all its hilarity.

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