Damn, it's a Dam!

Damn, it's a Dam!

I love Notch for putting Redstone in the game. All of these sweet creations people make on Minecraft are totally awesome. This being no exception. I last featured BlueMikeSpecial on his Cliffside Base article, well folks, he is back! He has created a working water pressure relief valve on a dam! That's really cool. It was only a matter of time before someone did it. But this guy does it all, doesn't he? Either way, the video is filled with awesomeness. Containing the music that we all-know-and-heard-before-but-can't-remember-the-song-name and a random chicken dying. This video just screams "MinecraftOscarwinner". But things like these make me wonder what Minecraft has in stored for us next! Maybe a rocketship? Hah, just wishful thinking. Anyway, enjoy the awesomeness below:

BlueMikeSpecial says:

Hopefully in later releases we can get a real liquid flow valve or something similar. Right now, due to game limitations this is only a one time use thing that uses a trick with how water works in game. I didn't come up with the idea originally, but seeing as how I already had this dam built I had to add this.

Here's (as far as I know) the original idea as well as a tutorial for how to do this:

Also, LOL @ that chicken (watch the 'til the end).

and the video:

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/QB/

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