Could This Be Minecraft For Android? (Updated!)

Could This Be Minecraft For Android? (Updated!)

A new video popped up, showing what looks like Minecraft running on a Samsung Galaxy S. Check it out.

There's no way to make sure it's not fake, or that it even has anything to do with the real Minecraft (except for the textures, obviously), but we gotta confess, it's pretty nice to see this on a cellphone.

Needless to say, the video creator states he won't finish it unless Notch approves it. By that, he means like the creator is given a contract to finish it by Mojang Specifications. You know, if Notch approves something like this. ManyAndroidfans will be happy that they can play Minecraft on their smart phones, whenever they want. But, we just hope this continues. I'd like to see this finished, wouldn't you?


The author, therealryan, posted on Reddit:

I don't have the minecraft source (otherwise this would be a lot more full-featured), I made it from scratch based on the information in the minecraft wiki.

I'm not sure how much more information I can provide, the video pretty much shows what it is: a visualiser for minecraft levels. You can fly around a saved level (I just copied mine over from my laptop). There's no terrain generation, monsters or other game elements. You can't even alter any blocks.

It is, on the other hand, a nice proof of concept.

So yeah, as imagined, it's not a Minecraft port or clone, it's just a level visualizer. A cool one. :)

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