The Moving Labyrinth will destroy you.

The Moving Labyrinth will destroy you.

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Mentally, of course. Seriously, anyone who's anyone knows how confusing a maze can be. But make no mistake, in popular culure, a maze can have more than one ending but still trail several dead-ends. A labyrinth has only one end, which by far, is harder to complete. Either way, what this guy does profounds me. Now, not only would you get stuck in a maze, but you wouldn't remember where you came back from! It's like walking into a new hallway, then you think you were just there. Oh, it confuses me also. The moving labyrinth was made by Creature. He's skills and wit in Minecraft have made him the labyrinth that you will probably regret going into.

Creature says:

Part of a giant adventure map!

P.S. I used low gravity mod. It makes crafting easier.

'Nuff said. [Pig]

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