Big cathedral in progress.

Big cathedral in progress.

Move over ecrider, and meet the maker of the giant cathedral in progress by e033x. It seems now and then I forget why texture packs are used a lot. Here is why. The picturesbelow tells a giant story in the making. The cathedral is being build by one-man-team and he's made a lot of progress so far. He's really determined to get every block right. He's actually made a blueprint, pictured below. Talk about dedication! Not to mention, like I said before, that the texture pack brings out it's vividness and intensity! Alas, we (I'm sure you, too!) always find joy when people take massive projects under their helm. We are always anticipating their final arrival. This is no exception. This cathedral is 140x100x50... that's big. All I can say is, from here on out, good luck.

eo33x says:

I recently started a rather huge project: A cathedral measuring about 140x100x50 meters. It's based loosely on the cathedral in Washington DC.

Currently, i have only started to do the interior pillars.

And before anyone starts to speculate: Yes, i have hacked in the stone and tools. If i hadn't done that, this project would never have happend.

(Sorry for night pics)





I will be updating this thread when i have the time to build. (I.E. not very often)

Tell me what you think...

PS. I would just like to point out that i am not religious, i just like how cathedrals look.

EDIT: Ask and thou shalt recieve...

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