Seven awesome Minecraft Wallpapers (updated)

Seven awesome Minecraft Wallpapers (updated)

Needing a new wallpaper? Love Minecraft? Well, are you in luck! I found four really awesome Minecraft wallpapers. One about Creepers, another about Diamond Ore, and the rest are about the Minecraft logo! Woohoo! Isn't that just awesome?

nazarm from reddit's Minecraft section has shown as the true beauty of a Diamond ore.

Two more from an unknown author show thesebeauts:



(Full gallery:

DeagleDued of shows his love for the Creeper saying:

Hey guys i thought i would give you a desktop background i made :D

1920x1080: ... llpap.png/ [iapprove]

1280x720: ... llpap.png/ [iapprove]
(this works with 1280x1024 monitors aswell)

Populus89 of quaintly shows off his artist view of Minecraft:

Hello there.

I fell in love with Minecraft, and something made me think that I should make something in return. So I've seen people doing the logo in a verity of ways and figured I could make my own.

(Click for a bigger picture)

I get it that this would be the appropriate forum to put this, as the Artwork forum is for non-minecraft works. If not, forgive me.

Stundexim, from the shows off a really artistic wallpaper combined with the power of 3DS Max.

I hope it's okay if I post this here... a wallpaper that I threw together with 3DS Max. 1680x1050. Wasn't sure if it really belonged in the screenshot gallery.


Hope you like! (I might have another on the way soon.)

- S -

-tessen from tumblr captures the stunning landscapes of minecraft with some shadow effects.

(working on getting this one's proper size)

I'm sure there are more Minecraft wallpapers to be found. But as Minecraft grows and grows, so will the media about it! Hooray!

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