Songs about Minecraft? Oh, yes, there is.

Songs about Minecraft? Oh, yes, there is.

Well, this is a new concept. Musicans and song-makers have turned their magic on Minecraft. I mean,literally, they've produced full-on-all-the-way songs about Minecraft. It's really crazy because I can't imagine something like this. Maybe I'm just being a bit too heavy on this. Either way, give these guys mad props. They sing and write their own songs, let alone on Minecraft!

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Personally, I think all these songs great. I'm not one to judge about these guy's singing talents, but the balls they've had to put themselves out there... let alone on Minecraft is amazing. But you know, songs will be songs, and hopefully Notch has heard these. Minecraft is really getting popular and good example is this.

First, we're going to start off with slickvik's Minecraft Everyday song. It's really quiet something. It's like a soft-techno song and the vocals are not heavy. I really can't describe this but it's country mixed in Minecraft.

Secondly, WW2BOY (Bobby Yarsulik)has made and featured many songs about Minecraft. It's incredible, really! He's made songs dedicated to Skeletons, Creepers, Redstone, Zombies, and more. The lyrics combined with the vocals and the rest really gives fan-made songs about Minecraft a name.

Here is his most featured song. You may or may not have heard it:

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