Make us proud, space sheep.

Make us proud, space sheep.

kiershar,from YouTube made an awesome animal cannon. You put an animal in a minecart, press a button, and watch them shoot for the stars!

Update: You can download the map save!

I can survive the explosion on peaceful with full leather armor. Maybe i should load the chunks ahead but even then, i don't even reach the land accross the water. It just goes waaaaaaaaay above the clouds.

Save is here for those interested :

Do not load more than 6 TNT per row except for the bottom one. Do not load TNT in the water source. Do not load beyond the last redstone row. Do not look into the operating end of the device while it is operating.

(via this post)
This glorious device propels animals at a ludicrous speed. Powered by 73 TNT that are dropped inside a single water trench. A whole mess of redstone connects every racks.

Also the very first step of my space program, still have to hear from pig tho. Watch his launch full-screen and at max resolution, the night is too dark.

Want to help animals reach space?

The map is up for download, right here.

Short url :

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