Hogwarts coming to a Minecraft near you!

Hogwarts coming to a Minecraft near you!

OK, I've never been a big Harry Potter fan. I mean, I've watched all the movies and think it's a pretty cool series. Seeing those kids go from young to teen was quite a story? Anyway, you won't believe what this guy is doing. PotatoOrgy is recreating, along with his friends, Hogwarts on Minecraft. He won't release the save file, but he will put it on a map so people can venture inside once it's done. This is pretty epic,consideringall the things Hogwarts has inside it. Sure, he won't be able to recreate some object's inside, but at least the interior and exterior will be nice to look at.

[caption id="attachment_623" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="Part of the Hogwarts garden."][/caption]

Now, I don't know about you, but I am keeping a sharp eye on this. For one, this building will bring back great memories of when I first gazed at it's extraordinary stature back in 2001. Not to mention PotatoOrgy is creating timelapse videos, which by the way are cool. on his YouTube channel. If you're anything of a Minecraft fan, I highly recommend to subscribe his YouTube account. All of his videos provide a humorous insight of Minecraft and overview of how massive this giant creation is built.

PotatoOrgy writes:

Well, a Harry Potter obsessed friend of mine, gave me a suggestion that I should recreate Hogwarts in Minecraft.
Granted, I'm not the biggest fan (Albeit the books kept me busy for a while) so what I'm doing is basically my take on Hogwarts. So it won't be 100% accurate (Seeing as how Minecraft has it's limitations [HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS BLARG]) so I'm going to just make it as close as possible, if anything it will just be amazing to look at, right? [iapprove]

Anyways, my this is my reference picture, among a few others that Google finds for me.

My planning goes from being slightly O.C.D., to something a 6-year-old would do (Constantly changing plans while building)

Anyways, onto the pictures, who the heck likes reading?
Not too many on this project, promise more later.
(edit: Made them URL's to cut down size of thread.)

And everybody's favorite, a time-lapse (That I started late, just ignore that fact and enjoy it ;])
It's a long video, but I always find those the more entertaining. Let me know what you think!
10/10/10 (What a great time to start!)

Second tower behind the first building semi-done (I'ma work more on the roof later)

Buildings 3 and 4 are up, simple buildings right now, haven't been feeling well so, I'm sorry for the slow update. Going to try to finish up the courtyard sometime tomorrow.

(UPDATE: 10/18/10)
Finished the courtyard for now, smaller buildings are in the floor plan, not sure what they really are. I'll prolly be spending some time with my Harry Potter fanatic friend to watch all the movies. Plus she's always fun to hang out with, so it's a win-win.

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