CraftHub welcomes two new writers!

CraftHub welcomes two new writers!

CraftHub is proud to have aboard two new blog writers. So, now it won't just be me (Guard) updating CraftHub every now and then. It will be 3 guys updating CraftHub every now and then! More writers, more blog posts, more fun! Hooray! So, I'd like for you guys to meet Inacio and redban. They are both from Brazil and I am from Spain. So, now this blog is being updated by two Braziliansand a Spanish guy! Yay for foreigners!

Here is the new contact information for the site writers:

Minecraft: Guard
Email: guard[@]
Steam: UrbanTwitch
Twitter: @UrbanTwitch

Minecraft: redban
Email: redban[@]
YouTube: redbanmedia
Steam: redban

Minecraft: Inacio
Email: inacio[@]
Steam: Inacio
Twitter: @Inacio_

Short url :

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