The Texture Pack war

The Texture Pack war

It seems everywhere I look, different texture packs are being used. Sure, they look nice, but at what cost are you giving up the original spirit of Minecraft? Minecraft's blocky gloriousness is what made it awesome. People didn't care about graphics, but then we had those who did storm in. The texture packs that dominate the fans are Doku's RPG, JohnSmith's Texture Pack,Painterly Pack, SMP's Texture Pack, and Quandary. We all know that most people base the game purely on graphics. Games like RuneScape and (unfortunely) Minecraft have been given backlash by egotistical maniacs who've never tried the games out. Yes, they can be fun, but graphics are not everything!

Now all five of these packs focus on one thing. Changing the look-and-feel of Minecraft. Some packs don't bother with the mobs, some do. Some packs don't bother with the items, some do. But most, if not all, change the terrain and GUI. The GUI, if you don't know, are things like the menus.

Here are the five hot texture packs:

Doku's RPG

A clean and crisp texture provides a serious tone to Minecraft. Leaving the mobs untouched, as seen in picture, you can see how HD this pack really is. This can be used for a tone of darkness in machinimas and screenshots. It's suppose to give the RPG-feel, hence the name, I'd guess.

Visit Doku's RPG page.

JohnSmith's Texture Pack

This provides a nice feel to Minecraft. It's not too dark and not too bright. This is like that one saying goes... "just right". I use this one. Not to mention the name is so original. I mean, out of all of the names in the world you picked the world's most common first name and last name. Hmpf. Still a good pack.

Visit JohnSmith's Texture Pack page.

The Painterly Pack

This was the first texture pack I used. I was impressed. But I thought the terrain really didn't feel right. But I really did like the use of the GUI and the items. The author has gone to the length of creating it's own website and domain. Also, you can modify andcustomizethis pack to your liking, just take a look at the page to see what I am talking about.

Visit Painterly Pack page.

The Quandary Pack

Although not much has changed in this pack, it still provides a nice "clean" feeling. The mobs were left untouched but the best part is the monthly pack. See, if you go to their website, you can download the pack of every month. Screw those "seasonal" packs, let's go all-freaking-year-round guys! But, still this is a nice pack. The 12-month packs offers realism at it'sfinest.

Visit the Quandary Pack page.

SMP's Texture Pack

How the hell could I have missed this? This provides quite an undescribable feeling to Minecraft. A nice soothing tone for any Minecraft who applies this. Best of all, this pack has history. This started back in October 2009, one of the first few nice packs to come across Minecraft.

Visit SMP's texture pack page.

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