Ride mobs in Survival? Check.

Ride mobs in Survival? Check.

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Remember the last time you could ride mobs in Survival? On that pig, sure. With the saddle, if you could find it. But now... I present to you the most epic mod ever. Be a true weirdo and ride any mob any where. And by any I mean all but Creeper and Cow. :( It's only a matter of time now, actually. Meet jack_in_the_dark creator of the Gotta ride 'em all mod. It's cleverly named after a Pokemon catchphrase, now isn't that cute? The best part is that all mobs have some special power. The cow's power is the one I'm mostexcitedfor. I mean, clearing tunnels will be easier, finally! But, now it will be done with style!

jack_in-the_dark says:

A mod where you can ride all mobs... almost.

Read "update" below for new especial powers.

Currently rideable mobs: (btw, you can control the mobs)

    Special: Run 2X faster
    Special:) Jump 2 blocks high
    Special: (not yet) Charge into blocks to make 2X2 tunnels
    Special: Fly (Hold spacebar).
    Special: (not yet) Shoot very bad aimed arrows were he is facing.
    Special:(not yet) Click space to make his timer start, and run before he explode

You don't need a saddle to ride them, just right click om them.

You can now jump with the animals, fixed the esqueleton and...
Pigs run faster than other animals
Sheeps jump 2X
Hold espacebar on the air to fly with the chicken!!!
Something i may or not keep in the mod, for now every animal is the son of aquaman, you can jump really high in the water if you let the mob sink a little and then hold spacebar


Me on sheep.

Riding a chicken.

Been chased on top of a skeleton

How to install:
1) Delete mojang files (leave manifest file) from meta-inf folder inside minecraft.jar
2)Copy files to minecraft.jar


Alt version: (Need the normal version installed)
This version disable monster a.i. wen you ride them.

Alt pig: (need the normal version installed, will be merged with the normal version on the next update)
This make pigs not have saddles on their back.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/PI/

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