Minecraft is down - what to do?

Minecraft is down - what to do?

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People seriously need to get off their high-horse and quit whining. There's obviously a good thing and a bad thing to come from this. Minecraft is popular enough to have it's server crash. But also, we can't play Minecraft. Multiplayer anyway. For those who left Minecraft open while it went down, good job. Minecraft.net has been down for 2 hours as of writing this post. It seems all we do is play Minecraft. Appearntly, people forgot to check their lives. No we have the #minecraft on Esper.net going wild. And now we have many-a-superman coming to Notch's rescue. But it seem he's pinpointed the problem... someone attacked Minecraft's server. The CPU, Notch stated, is fine. So... it begs the question -- who is attacking Minecraft?

At any rate, I have a million things to do when Minecraft is down. For one, do my college coursework. Or maybe I could write another CraftHub post. Or maaaybeee, I could work on another web dev project. Ultimately, it comes down to me not playing Minecraft, and that's something no man or women should endure. I hope everyone is holding up fine.

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