Someone knows how to use PowerPoint...

Someone knows how to use PowerPoint...

Alright, you think you're pretty slick with PowerPoint? Well, you haven't met Cyrix. He has created a recreation of Minecraft in PowerPoint. This puts me to shame because I thought I was pretty bad-ass using all those sweet effects for my school presentations. At any rate, I didn't know PowerPoint could do all of this. So, like anyone else, this really baffled me. It's also a de-make, if you haven't noticed. So, Cyrix, I salute you from one human to another, you really did something awesome with Minecraft.


Okay. So after quite a few weeks I finally finished My N Craft. A de-make of Minecraft made entirely in PowerPoint 2007. My N Craft is a game I made in PowerPoint, unfortunately many people don't know the awesome things you can do in PowerPoint! The video is on Youtube and the game is ready for download at Mediafire.

Everything in the game I made with PowerPoint. The game took roughly four weeks to make and i think you'll enjoy it alot! Download the game for free and give it a try, post your comment on the game here.
You're sure to be surprised with what PowerPoint can do!


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