I'm on a boat and it can fly!

I'm on a boat and it can fly!

Alright, are you sick of walking on Survival? Well, if you are... you're in luck! Now, not only do you get to fly, but you get to fly on a boat. How freaking awesome is that!? You can thank ShaRose for making the HoverBoat mod. Sure, the controls are a bit chunky, but you will get use to it. The only flaw from this is that if you have this mod on, you can't use the Boat for it's original purpose. Either way, it's still pretty nice to fly around Survival acting like you own the place. Be warned though, this mod will effectivly take up a lot of space. Why? Because everytime you fly to somewhere new, you're map data will keep getting bigger and bigger. Just a warning. But at any rate, it's not like someone will use this all the time. I mean,eventually there will be a fly mod for Survival. It's only a matter of time.

ShaRose says:

Well, I've been spamming videos of this little baby in #minecraft long enough, and I think it's ready for public use!

Basically, this mod turns the boat into the ultimate fast travel device. It flys, it hovers, it jumps, and it also goes at 1.8 times the max speed of a minecart. Turns faster than the boat does, and the turning is much smoother as well. (I basically fixed a bug in notch's speed limit code for the boat). Works in singleplayer and SMP as well.

This is a clientside mod, so you don't need to worry about supporting it (If the server lets you spawn boats, you can spawn this as it just overrides the boat).

Here's the last video I did (Since then it's a bit faster, there it was at 1.6 so)

Same instructions as every other mod, just copy it into minecraft.jar and remove META-INF.

How to use:
Get in and move around. When you get in, it starts in Hover mode. Press P to toggle between Hover and Flight mode.

Hover mode: Press space to jump, hold to go higher (To a point), hold space to glide.

Flight mode: Press space to go up, let go to gently fall down. You will need to go so fast before you can fly up, and if you slow down too much you might drop out of the sky, so watch those sharp turns!

Mark I (Private only): First version! Hovers, bobbing is jerky and normal turning.

Mark II (private only): Bobbing is nicer, added a smoke trail. Edited hover height a bit.

Mark III (Public release): First public release! Added a flight mode, extra jumping if you hold down space, and gliding! Turning is fixed, and it's faster both for top speed and turning speed.

Mark IV (Public release): Fixed flying over void (Finally), enforced a max height. This means it should not lock up if you fly over a chunk that isn't generated or loaded yet.

Download here!


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