Herobrine will KILL you!

Herobrine will KILL you!

Alright, I'm always up for a good scary movie. Especially if I know that annoying chick at the end will get what's coming to her. Anyway, this is surrounding a scary tale of Minecraft. Supposedly it's Notch's dead brother. Notch even said in a tweet that he had a brother, which makes this story all the more scarier. Herobrine is the default mob but with white eyes. It's like that little kid from the Omen watching your every move. Coming out of nowhere and scaring you because you're afraid of pixelated 3D anthropic idiots.

I'm not going to copy/paste the whole thing, but I will give you the introduction:

Herobrine is the subject of an old scare-story, where a person with the default skin, and completely white eyes appeared in singleplayer games.He is actually a retextured painting or iron door of the default skin with no eyes. This originated a long time ago, when a "creepy-pasta" was made about Herobrine.

That sound like a good topic sentence? No? Either way, you're going to want to read this. It will make Minecraft even more scarier. With the creepers, pigs, and now this... you're gonna thing those blocky bastards are up to no good. Oh well, here's the wiki link. You can also go to YouTube and type "Herobrine". Oh, Google too, it has a lot of good hits.

One more thing:

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