Fun Facts about Minecraft & CraftHub!

Fun Facts about Minecraft & CraftHub!

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Alrighty, I've compiled a list of true facts about Minecraft that you may have not known. Here is how it's going to do down. I list a fact and then give a small insight about it. I mean, what's the fact without the history behind it? OK, here we go:

Notch and ez are getting married?
It's true! Notch isn't just an awesome programmer, but soon will be an awesome husband!

Notch has probably made you stay up till 3 AM because of Minecraft?
Minecraft's addictiveness needs to be diagnosed.

Minecraft, at first, can be addicting? But then you realize, it's not bad being addicted.
Don't worry it's happened to all of us. We think we shouldn't be staying up to play games like these. But then you realize the truebeautyof Minecraft.

Minecraft's peaked sales at 25,000 copies sold in one day?
This was right after the "free-to-play" weekend around late September 2010.

Minecraft's popularity started rising in the Summer of 2010?
A couple of big names like Valve and PC Gamer gave it that "push".

Minecraft's name was coined in the #tigIRC channel?
Yeah, back then it was just talked about in TIGForums.

Minecraft is primarily developed by one-man-team Markus "Notch" Persson?
And now, Minecraft's focus will be by a 6 man team! Three programmers, Notch, a business man, and pixel artist!

Minecraft fan matthew102000 introduced Guard to Minecraft back in August 2009?
matthew102000 is the person you should be thanking for CraftHub. Without him, there would be none of this.

If it weren't for Notch, you wouldn't be reading this?
I mean, really. It's pretty obvious!

Guard was banned from for trolling? He's learned better, now.
Yeah, I use to troll Minecraftforum but now I decided to get my act together.
Guard has Minecraft account #55,555 called "PHP"?
I had a screenshot to prove it, but I lost it now.
Guard and citricsquid (owner of use to hate each other, but now they are cool?
Yeah, I use to annoy him but now I've become... not annoying.

Griefer are people who destroy anything? They suck.
I've never heard of the term "Greifer" until this.

Creepers are based on a failed Pig model?
It's true. But you know what they say... failed models often include a backlash. (ie Creeper)

CraftHub use to have a server called "Guard's Flatgrass"?
Yeah, back when I didn't realize hosting from my personal computer would slow my internet down.
CraftHub use to be a community site back in late 2009?
This is true! But then I quit and now it's a successful (so far) blog!

C418 makes Minecraft's music? His website is
He sure does! Minecraft's calm music is nice to hear once in a while. I heard he has some new songs coming soon.
A few lucky fans (~50) got to meet Notch in real life at Bellevue, Washington?
When Notch flew into the USA to meet with business people, he had a free day at Bellevue, Washington! Lucky!

Notch is super freaking rich? He's a self-made multi-millionaire.
Move over Mullenweg (Wordpress) and Karp (Tumblr), Notch is here.
Quatroking is the head-admin of the Minepedia?
For all the work he's done, you need to thank him. More than 25,000,000 million people have visited the wiki since it's existence.
This blog is run and updated daily by Guard?
Well obviously, I'm not going to update this blog daily. These days are days like Christmas and me being kidnapped. I might have to think about others joining in on this writing for CraftHub.

When crouching, you'll fall off a half-step going down anyway?
This might be a bug or just ... not a bug. But it's true.

citricsquid is the owner of
Chances are, you've probably seen that forum.

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