Minecraft's stats over 3 months.

Minecraft's stats over 3 months.

Ever wondered how much Minecraft made in August 2010? Or maybe July? Well, lucky for us, you can! Thanks to citricsquid of Minecraftforum.net (he is owner & creator), he created the Minecraft sales and data charts. It gives us an in-depth look of how well Minecraft has been doing. He predicted Minecraft would boom after a few notable figures noticed Minecraft. He was right. You can see the chart numbers goingprogressivelyup and up. Over 10,000 purchases are averaged, today. 15,000-25,000 accounts registered daily and look where we are.

As you can see, these are nice graphs. If I were you, I'd check 'em out. It's nice to see how well Minecraft is doing. Besides, who doesn't love checking graphs out? The best part is that this updates daily. So, let's say 3 months from now, we'll see how Minecraft's statistics were 3 months ago! I bet by that time, we'll pass 2 million registered members!

So, without anymore chatter, go check out the Minecraft sales and data charts.

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