Minecraft now has a soothing trailer.

Minecraft now has a soothing trailer.

Sure, we're awed by the amount of epic a trailer has, but sometimes we need change. This trailer brings it. No, not like Obama. But like "oh-wow-this-is-nice" change. The music in this trailer is really nice to listen to. Easy on the ears. The video resolution in here is 1080p which means for a clearer picture. Anyway, this trailer was made by none other than Crest. The masterpiece he'sbeautifullycreated is called Dreamcraft. I'm guessing this is like a dream because of the music? Either way, I think it's a change from the last few trailers we've seen. Personally, the Inception-esque trailer for Minecraft is overrated. At any rate, the main point of this video is to show the nature of Minecraft. To show off it's impressive map generation. To show people that Minecraft isn't just about building but about exploring. People discover, mine, build, adventure, and much more in Minecraft. But, enough about what Minecraft is, time to get to the real show.

Crest tells us in his own words:

I uploaded a new video I've been working on. Not sure if it goes here. I love how it came out and wanted to share it. The idea I had was to capture cool natural scenes, rather than anything built. So i generated a few worlds and explored.

Most of it is dark or night time so 720p+ and fullscreen helps.


Here is a download for those who are interested:


Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/P6/

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