Fan-made Minecraft iPhone app! Yay.

Fan-made Minecraft iPhone app! Yay.

Are you an iPhone owner? Yes? Good! Everyone else, stop reading. Just kidding, keep reading. No, seriously, this is for when Minepedia is down. You can catch up on the latest ways to build Minecraft materials. It's like having a go-to crafting paper-clip! You know, that silver-thin bastard always annoying you on Microsoft Word! But, this is a paperclip we do want. This application is being built by Kombo Studio and his team of iPhone developers.

Kombo Studio says:

Hey Minecraft guys and gals,
We’ve been addicted to Minecraft for the past couple of weeks. Very bad for productivity. We have lots of fun with the game but we felt there’s one shortcoming and that’s that you, at least in the beginning of the game, always have to search the internet on how to make this object, or where to find that block. As a company that develops iPhone and Android apps we thought that it’d be awesome if we could have a little Minecraft app on our iPhones and Androids so we can look-up anything we want about Minecraft, anytime and anywhere.
So after some weeks of concepting, designing and programming we are ready to show the world the app we have worked hard on; Minecraft Helper. As the name indicates, it is an app that will help you on your journey through the wonderful world of Minecraft. I’ve disclosed the App Store description in this post (you’re the first on the world to read it!) to give you an idea what the app is about.

“You are a total Minecraft addict but you always forget how to craft this item, or you just want to look-up what that block is? We feel the same way and that’s why we crafted (see what we did there?) this application called Minecraft Helper. It covers all the known items, blocks and recipes currently found in the game. Around this information we designed a nice looking and user friendly interface so you can find your way through the app easily. That’s not all; we will be supporting Minecraft Helper with lifetime free updates that will introduce some awesome features. Now you never have to search the internet again, all Minecraft knowledge is just in your hands!

- We have information on all blocks and items
- Fully functional without an internet connection
- When available the crafting recipe is shown for the corresponding block or item
- There’s universal search so you can rapidly find the object you are looking for
- You can favorite any item or block you want
- We have made a nice design that also catches the style of Minecraft. Besides that we developed a neat little touch; the blocks are actually rotating in 3D!
- Retina Display and multitasking are fully supported. Minecraft Helper will look beautiful on your iPod Touch 4g or iPhone 4

However, that certainly is not all. We plan to introduce some very cool features in the future. Of course there will be the standard extra items and blocks, but we’re also working on some exclusive features we’re not yet ready to talk about, but our own-written Minecraft guides will surely make their way into the app. Make sure to buy Minecraft Helper today so you will keep getting nice and free updates in the future! “

(beta screenshots!)

We think we made a pretty handy app but one thing we think that is very important, is the relationship with the community (just like Markus Persson thinks, the developer of the game). With our previous app called lukomon Pokédex we really focused on processing the feedback we got from the community. That’s what we want to do with Minecraft Helper too. So we’re really wondering; what do you think of it? Do you have suggestions? Is there something we did completely wrong? As more people give their feedback, we are able to hopefully create the perfect app to accompany you while playing Minecraft.

Minecraft Helper is almost ready and we will be submitting the app to Apple really soon. Apple will then verify the app and eventually (after around 7~10 days) approve it so it will be available for sale. In the meantime we’ll focus on porting the app to Android. Apps are approved much faster on the Android OS so both versions should be available simultaneously. In the meantime, tell us what you think so we can process your suggestions :-)! Also keep an eye on this thread as we will give away some promo codes with which you can download the app for free.

But most important of all... keep playing Minecraft! Such an awesome game, we can’t stop playing it. Luckily our lives just got a lot easier with the Minecraft Helper application ;-)

So, yeah, this looks reallypromising. If you're an iPhone holder, you may want to keep an eye-peeled for this. For when the wiki goes down, you'll have this stylish helping app. Sadly, I don't own any kind of smartphone. Oh well, I'll still be on the lookout for this.

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