Facepunch loves Minecraft

Facepunch loves Minecraft

You think you love Minecraft? Well, you haven't been to Facepunch at all. They create seperate threads on Minecraft every few days because it gets so big. They create, destroy, laugh, and play. All about Minecraft. Sure, you may think you have that most bad-ass structure in the world. But the ingenuitythese guys put into their Minecraft sessions can cause quiet hilarious results. I've been skimming through pages and I thought "Man, these should be shown around the Minecraft world!" And, well, here I am. Here are some hilarious and well-written post I've found on Facepunch.

Chezhead puts his wits to the test to create a ingenious trap. Or so he thinks.

My first TNT on this save will be put to an amusing purpose.

magicman1234 gets a face-full of Creeper at his door. Seriously, no one wants to hug a Creeper, dammit.

"May I come in to inform you about the miracles of Creepers Christ?"

Wii60 rememberedthe time he called the Creeper nothing but a stupid green slobe. The Creeper remembered. It's about to go down.

oh fucckkk

Miigga has created a nicely-built structure that features waterfalls on it's side.

The quartercircle is done. Took me hours.

It's on Hangover's server. "/place quarter" to visit the quartercircle.

Richard Simmons has created quiet a fortress. His half-assed job led him to this:

The main bridge in all its half-assed glory

Walking on the north end of the cliffs, greeted by several weeks of my life gone to this.

A top down of the bridge, with the bottom wall visible

Crossing the bridge, with the main gate greeting the horizon.

(click here for more for all of this work)

dvondrake and his friend have spent countless hours building this replica of the USS Enterprise. Wow, that's big.

Just spent my last 13 hours making a USS Enterprise in creative with PhortyTwo. 7 hours this morning and 6 hour last night, haven't done anything besides sleep in between. Not even done yet, just finished the shape of the hull and now we can go in and do all the interior. We have one deck kinda half done and the bridge is somewhat there, but we've still got a lot to go. We have 2 big decks, 1 smaller deck, and a bridge in the main disc. In the lower cylinder part we have an observation deck to the shuttle bay, a top deck that connects to the shuttle bay, and one really tall main deck below for engineering. You can even climb into to the nacelles, although there's nothing there yet and I'm not sure what we'll put there. Also gotta give it a paint job, especially to color the nacelles so they don't look like flying dildos but rather more engine-like. Might even make the hull white and the inside gray so it's more like the one in TOS, don't know. Still working on stuff like that.
It's a bit disproportionate because we just started doing it without any real plan (disc is a bit taller than it should be in relation to the rest of the ship), and it's definitely not to scale like the one in that video that was going around not too long ago, but I think it's still pretty damn cool. An honest effort, a lot of fun to build, and I think it came out pretty good. Will be posting an update once we finish, probably with a timelapse video of its construction included.

Tons more images here, including a bunch of interior ones too. Also you might notice our turbo lift, the stream of (static) water--it's not done yet. We'll have some nice looking casing around it when we're done, might even widen it.

Kinversulath has the whole army of mobs after him. Uh-oh.

Inacio finds himself in quiet a world of destruction upon exploring.
I look to my left, a immense TNT crater. I look right. Hill. I go uphill. This is what I see when I get to its top:

I disconnect.

And there's much moreshenanigansgoing on in Facepunch about Minecraft. You can visit their General Games Discussion forum and look for the latest "Minecraft Megathread" topic. Enjoy!

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