Minecraft in 3D, your way.

Minecraft in 3D, your way.

Alright, this is really awesome. Ever wanted to make a Minecraft movie but didn't have the proper technique *cough* HUD in the way *cough*? Well, if you know Blender you can! Blender is a 3D Modeling tool. It lets you, as you just guessed, model objects. This is perfect for Minecraft because of it's size and shape of objects. I tried my hands at this Blender today and I felt like I was trying to take off an airplane. Confusing. Really confusing because there are so many items and buttons in the graphical user interface. Even the creator says it's tedious at first, and I believe him! At any rate, if you do know your way around Blender, have a stab at this Minecraft extension built byJabJabJab.

JabJabJab says:

Hello guys, I am back, and I have spent the past week completely redoing EVERYTHING on the toolkit! With my better knowledge of Blender, I am able to make a near-perfect and working Blender Toolkit that can aid almost anyone in making machinimas!


The current version is far from done, but the abilities right now are enough to be usable in small things, and I think releasing a alpha version right now is the best way to get people familiar with how this will work.

I have decided to make everything... In one entire file! Means that most layers will be used for the presets of things, but need not worry! If you need more room, and have used objects from preset layers IN different layers, u can delete AND use it.

Tiles will have their own layer, Mobs (single each layer) etc.

Deelekgolo and I have been trying to make a working map importer script atm, but if we fail to get this operable, if anyone can code python, you're potential future contributations are well appreciated in advance!!

UPDATE: The script is most-way complere and WORKING. We need to make it use actual minecraft blocks and not empty cubes.

List of things to complete:
Key: * Needs doing; @ Currently doing ; X Done.

Mobs: @
-Spider - not attempted yet
-Zombie - Fully Modeled, rigged, and has a couple actions
-Skeleton - Fully modeled, rigged, and has a couple actions
-Creeper - Fully Modeled, rigged, and has quite a few actions made (and some custom ones) (also has a spine for autoIK movements such as freaking awesome headwhack action)
-Human - Fully modeled, rigged, and has no current actions
-Pig - Fully modeled, rigged, and has no current actions.
-Cow - Debating wether or not to make it. Seems useless.
-Slime - Fully Modeled, rigged, and has a couple actions
-Sheep - Fully Rigged, No actions yet.

Tiles - X

Vehicles - *

Items / Armor Models - X

Dynamic Lighting lamp - @

Sky X

Here is the first release of this:

Get Blender 2.49b not 2.53 (it is stable now, just i dont use that yet because i havent got time yet to learn the new UI system.)

http://www.blender.org (downloads section)

More to come! Show me what You as a Blender user can make. Here are some examples of what I have done:



So, if does the top look convincing? It did for me, so I tried it! Then, I failed. :( Maybe when I have enough time... one day. Just maybe.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/P3/

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