Do you love cities? Then, you will love this.

Do you love cities? Then, you will love this.

Alright, rememher how I told you in the Dungeon generator of how I love the city generator that this guy made but never released? Well, this is pretty close to it. I found two servers that allow city-build projects. Once you get inside one of this, you can immersive yourself in the world of tall buildings! Hooray!

WoM: Citybuild

It's hand-built by members of the World Of Minecraft community. Each member sets out their plot of land, and then they build their skyscraper!

As you can see from the picture above, some of the members are carefully planning by making frames. This server is heavily operated by WoM operators. That is the main reason there are no greifers. Besides, this place looks awesome if you hit the ground and look at the place from below. It's like staring at a work-in-progress city! Play at WoM: Citybuild [Skyscrapers].

Project City Build [24/7]

The nice members of the Project City Build server are holding a nice server. It still has a few spots for you to choose! Like the last server, this is well-protected. So if you think of doing anything funny, the OPs can undo all of your action in less than a second. Play at Project City Build [24/7].

The MineCity

Lastly, I thought I'd leave you wish a video that I found that includes a one-man project called the MineCity built by MaTTTaX.

Video below:

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