Bioshock's Columbia made it's way into Minecraft

Bioshock's Columbia made it's way into Minecraft

Alright, this is a sweet build of a level that hasn't even been released. It's like beating the builders of the game on creating the level yourself. But, the City of Rapture has done it! Not just one-man-team but a whole server pitched in and worked on this for days. Thanks to Bioshock, we're able to see this beaut. Now, I've never played Bioshock because it never really interested me. But after seeing a level like this on Minecraft, I might just check it out. DrKamina on YouTube informs us:

We are not hardcore people, Casual people, Please remember that, We really don't care who does better then us.
This was a project from the City Of Rapture server, Like all builds that come out of my server, this was another Recreation, But this time, of something that doesn't even exist yet.
This is only the first video, More will come, And so will the Survival Version of it.

We based everything off of the Screenshots, Trailer, and imagination+ some Concept Art.

We worked on this for about 2 weeks, Decided to post the first video.

Credits to..
Smallishone(Sorry I forgot to mention you in the credits)
Soviet Russia
Danp(Forgot to mention you as well)
mR_sammy (Landscape)

This map will be placed on our new Secondary Classic server soon to come
City Of Columbia

Enjoy, and remember, We have no idea what the final version of columbia will look like, this was purely for fun, and I will post more vids as it progresses.

Not bad, right? I mean, the City of Columbia is well-built here. The only flaw is that, if you fall off, you die. Either way, it's still cool to explore.

Here are the two videos he's made:

and part two:

Brilliant is all I can say. See, not all creations need to look big in every single way possible!

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