A really big Cathedral. Wow.

A really big Cathedral. Wow.

Alright, I said before this ecrider guy needs to have the "King of all Builders" title. Well, he's truly earned it this time. He made a freaking giant Cathedral on a World of Minecraft server. I mean, it's really well-made. I don't have the patience to do something of thiscaliber. This guy is crazy, but in a way good! There's really nothing much else to say, but just like the last awesome build, you can explore this for yourself. Go to any WoM server and type "/museum smp_afk"! But, like I said before -- you must have a good computer who can handle it!

ecrider, the man with the plan, explains it all:

**** The Cathedral project is avalible in WoM Museum! ****
**** Go to one of WoM servers and type "/museum smp_afk" ****

I decided to go to WoM to show them how to use their awesome features and there it is - The Cathedral project ;)

It wasn't easy and costs a lot of time to put this all together but I think it's finally finished. It's more detailed than The Reichstag project, but of course I did not have to worry about griefers.

I thought long about this project, I made many sketches, even advised a friend of mine who is an professional architect. This is obviously just an attempt to realize the whole idea, but I hope quite successful.

I'm not sure whether I have enough time to continue to do projects of this size, but I'll try to do everything in my power.

The Cathedral project:


length: 240 blocks
width: 170 blocks
height: 128 blocks


WoM: SMP's Server Of Love
Project will be avalible in WoM museum even after map change.

Textures (my favourites):

SMP's Realistic Texture Pack *v5*
downloadeble from http://www.worldofminecraft.com

In my humble opinion this is the man for the job.

Music in background:

Rage - Dies Irae


Notre Dame in Minecraft by Wurtex
St Paul's Cathedral
Carhedral in Norwich
... and many, many others

Here is video (be careful, loud music):


Some screenshots:







EVIL version! :)


Wow, just wow. Right? I didn't think he'd live to see the day after building two giant amazing things like this. It's amazing what Minecrafters can produce. An amazing thing that's happened to him, because of this, is that he got a job intership offer from a some company. Minecraft helps people get jobopportunities! :-D

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/P2/

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