Watch out, there's a subway in Minecraft!

Watch out, there's a subway in Minecraft!

My friend and Minecraft fan matthew102000 alerted me of this amazing subway system. Alright, I love the underground. I don't know how many times I've said it, but I do. Anytime I see something well-made underground, I jump with joy! Now, I also love Minecarts but faster transportation and stylish too make for an awesome ride. Now, what I'm about to show you might leave you in awe. Make way for Hatter's Automated Multiplayer Subway by mad hatter!

[caption id="attachment_386" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="Part of the Minecraft Subway System by mad_hatter."][/caption]

Basically, he's a subway system filled with tracks, minecarts, and a lot of creativity. It goes round and round, leaving track dust behind, and your sorry ass if you don't catch a cart in time. That's OK though, if you miss it the first time, it will come back! Why? Because it loops! It's an on-going subway. The way mad_hatter deploys this is crazy. I'll let him talk you about it:

In preparation of minecarts and circuits working in SMP, I decided to develop a fully automated subway system. As of now each station in my system has two rail lines with one-way traffic. With a series of these stations, players may traverse the minecraft world in elegant minecart fashion.

1. Cart waiting = A cart will be waiting for each player at a loading station. When a rider mounts the cart, a booster cart accelerates them onto the main rail line. This cart station is refilled automatically by the booster cart to reset the loading area for the next player.

2. Cart magazine = A stack of carts in a column will resupply the outgoing cart station. The cart magazine also collects any empty carts from arriving players.

3. Run away cart prevention = Nothing new here, but each empty cart will be redirected to refill the cart magazine.

4. Unloading lane = Upon arrival at a station, the rider may hit a button. The button removed the rider and cart from the main rail line and parks them at a regulated offloading station. When the player exits the cart, the empty cart is swept away to refill the cart magazine.

Here is the Prototype:

Hopefully, he'll put this on a public server so we can all test it! I mean, something like this can't be hogged by one person! This has to be shown to others.

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