The Medieval Castle, it's here.

The Medieval Castle, it's here.

One of the first things many people build in Minecraft is a house, no doubt. Then you get your act together, and want to build something bigger! For most people, it's a castle. But then they make a half-assed job. Well, this guy is not like any other builder, meet Ihmemies who is creating Yet Another Medieval Castle. What an original name, right? But this castle is quite aspectacle, really. It's not just any other castle.

Ihmemies says:

I'm making a work in progress thread here, because I couldn't find any other suitable category :)

I first heard about Minecraft a couple of days ago. First I built a small, pretty simple tower. Secondly I built Isengard-inspired tower, and thirdly a small castle.

I decided not to dig for the stone, because it is in no way fun when you need do it for days and days. Building is much more fun :P I'm aiming to do a pretty realistic looking castle since there are so many really good fantasy castles already made.


I actually thought I was in other island which was in west, but next day when I couldn't find my castle I realized my mistake. No biggie since the islands were pretty similar anyways, and probably that's why I didn't notice in fist place I started to build to wrong island.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to exactly build, but a good castle always needs a gatehouse, main keep, a couple of towers, lots of walls, maybe a church, smithy, stables, living quarters etc etc. We'll see how much patience I have and how big the island really is :)


First I built a sample wall 10 blocks wide to see how it looks.


Look of a first tower. There is plenty room for stuff inside in additon to staircase.


Roof of the tower. Bricks look a bit corny :D


Plan of the gatehouse (main entrance to the castle).

Now I realize I probably need to do things in this order so I won't end up with an unmanageable mess:
1. Plan the location towers, walls & buildings with dirt.
2. Build walls
3. Decorate walls & buildings outside
4. Build & decorate buildings inside.
He's got a sweet-looking castle going on, right? Well, that's not all of the pictures! Ihmemies continues by saying in a series of posts:

Made some initial planning about tower, wall & main keep placement. I tried different tower shapes to make building them more interesting (not just copying the same tower all over). I'm not sure if there's enough towers or too many towers or if they are too big or too small or... but all that will hopefully get clearer as the construction progresses :D


No idea about other buildings yet, though there's lots of room for them.


Gatehouse is done. Annoyingly I thought 4-block gate would be nice, but after building the towers noticed 3 is nicer.. in the process I moved one tower 1 block left & then back, not fun :P



Anyways, did the other side of the wall:


Got walls up.. now need to build something inside them :P





Hey, well what do you know? This is getting somewhere! Alright, now he does something awesome here, folks. He makes Minecraft look more amazing by building the interior but the texture pack he uses adds the finishing touch:


From courtyards towards gate.


Path from gate to courtyard.


Some kind of banquet room?

Building some building: ... -24-59.jpg
Path: ... -29-51.jpg
More path: ... -30-51.jpg
Smithy (a bit small..): ... -30-04.jpg
Stables: ... -30-25.jpg
Second gate: ... -30-39.jpg
Living quarters next to stables: ... -31-31.jpg

On stables' roof there are those ugly bricks.. the stairs kept dancing if they didn't have a brick there, even after placing them. They would move back and forth when I added/deleted a brick. Very annoying.


Placed ~22k cobble, 6,6k steps (half stones), 4,7k dirt etc. Area is roughly 118x83 blocks.

The last picture in this quote looks sweet, doesn't it? Even with his statistic pulls he's claimed, it clearly looks like a lot of hard work has been put into this. But then what to put in the castle? Why, a church of course! He explains:

Built a church and other stuff. The church got a bit out of hand.. on the other hand it is too big & unfit for the castle, but as a church too small :I


Looks like he switched textures. Still doesn't give the original look-and-feel of Minecraft, but it is still an impressive feat. So what if this doesn't triumph other giant builds? There are creations that can wow people built in a day and creations that can make people amazed built in a month. Either way, I commend you on this. Sadly, the creator of all this has gone missing. Enjoy.

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