The Blastinator 288; your worst enemy.

The Blastinator 288; your worst enemy.

OK, so you think you've made an impenetrable fortress? You think you've made a sweet trap that will kill you? Well, you clearly haven't seen The Blastinator 288 built byUberubert! Hell will rain down on your sights, if you're caught in his crosshair. It's like having artillery in Minecraft, and there's no one to cry about it! Because you'll be too busy dodging this.

[caption id="attachment_369" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="Your worst enemy in Minecraft."][/caption]

Seriously, you can be like "Hey Fred, what's your trap?" and he'll be all excited saying "OMG LOOK, OK SO YOU'RE IN THIS HALLWAY RIGHT? BUT ONCE YOU STEP IN THE HALLWAY, THE IRON DOOR BEHIND CLOSES BECAUSE YOU JUST STEPPED ON A PRESSURE PAD!!! AND THEN BELOW YOU IS TNTS LINED UP FOR YOUR DEMISE!! OMG NO ONE WILL SURVIVE!!1!". OK, yeah, that's one way but we want Minecrafters to fear for their freaking lives. I want a slow and inevitible death showered with hell's fury instead of a "OMG BOOM" death. Well, my friends, Uberubert has made that happen. I don't know if he'll release the save, but take a look at this weapon in the video below:

I present to you, the fine minecraftians of this forum...
The Blastinator 288

I just have one thing to say to anyone who comes across this weapon's path. Godspeed and may the Minecraft Gods have mercy on your soul.

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