Reddit's Minecraft houses some creative people.

Reddit's Minecraft houses some creative people.

So, I've never used reddit in my life. I mean, I've heard of it. I just never really cared to venture inside it. That is when I decided to one day (today) go "Hey, let's see what reddit's Minecraft section is like! Boy, was I amazed! The reddit community just wants to show off their creations and talk about Minecraft. From what I can tell, they are some well-mannered people! Browsing page-through-page, I found some pretty incredible creations. Here are a few:

jsbarone posts pictures of his creation he calls Lamplight. This is like a bio-dome. They say using different texture packs can bring out the beauty in some creations. Well, my friends, here is one:

Want to see more? Check the full gallery, here. It's got 3 pages of this amazing creation inside.

Do you like looking at trees? Are you astounded by how big some can get? Well then, let me introduce to you Home Tree built by mflux. I am going to say this as inspired by the popular movie Avatar. Above all else, watch your damn flint and steel around thisgloriousmonument. mflux writes:
Reddit I present to you: Home Tree, a massive, liveable tree.

professorhappycat submits for his buddy, bluepike, a magnificant piece of building. Like, you can use this for Town Hall meetings!
I am submitting this for a friend of Minecraft: bluepike is his name.

Here is the planning he used to create this:

Pictures of his completed work:

I thought it was pretty impressive, maybe you guys will like it too. If you want anymore pics shoot me a comment or PM!

Alright, now this guy decided to get creative. fazaden built a "MathematicalSculpture" he calls Knots.

Last, butcertainlynot least, oostring creates a comical illustration of Grilled Pork in Minecraft.

(Click image for bigger resolution.)

Neat, huh? Well, that's all the stuff worth noting I found! If you want, you can venture the Minecraft/r/ community for yourself! Who knows, if you post something and enough people like it... it might get front-paged in that place!

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