Holy crap, it's the Titanic!

Holy crap, it's the Titanic!

I thought we lost the Titanic back in April 1912? *checks wiki* Holy crap, my memory is awesome. Anyways, some user is rebuilding the freaking RMS Titanic in Minecraft! Everyone meet laserpanda, the creator of this bold feat. He thinks he's got what it takes to build all of it. I say nay... but after looking at what he's posted... My n is starting to look like a y in the nay!

He informs us subtly by saying:

My current project, after 5 days of work. No hacks used.

Day 5:

Day 3:

Day 2:

Day 1:

Not bad for the first five days. I think the ship shouldn't been build underwater. Ah, I think he will just add water later! But... for 3 months, no word on this project. Where could have he been? laserpanda says:

If anyone's wondering what happened to this project, when SMP came out, I decided to build it in an SMP server.

Now that is one hell of an SMP base. I'd totally use it to muck around with. Just don't let the creepers get close to get it... because there is a lot of wood there. Once they got off, all hell will break loose. It will be just like April 12, 1912 all over again!

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