Add Dungeons to your game, today!

Add Dungeons to your game, today!

Alright, if you love dungeon crawlers, you're gonna love this. Earlier today, I found a tool that allows you to create and insert dungeons into your Survival game. That's right! You can explore the wonderful depths of the underground with no hard work on your part and with style! I introduce you too, MCmapper programmed by BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM.See, this is exactly the reason I love generators! There once was a City Generator, but the programmed went AWOL and never released it. :(

[caption id="attachment_344" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="The staircase to the surface of a dungeon."][/caption]

BeeTLe BeTHLeHeMexplains the program:

MCmapper is a freeware dungeon generating software for Minecraft.
It's developed in Java, and works on Windows/Linux/Mac systems (I'm working on OS-related issues too).
The application allow the player to set a number of parameters that affects the dungeon creation: dungeon size, number of levels, frequency of mob spawners, and so on.
The dungeons will contain random chests with a variety of prizes, and will include a "final" room on the last level, with a precious treasure and more enemies.
The player has the chance to enable themed levels or special ambient that develops vertically.
The application provides a backup/restore feature on the chunks modified by the application: play the dungeon and go back to the original world you created.
The dungeon generation algorithm has been completely rewritten: the new version is mostly based on idgarad suggestions.
The last version feature an additional console version (no GUI involved) via command-line parameter (see the readme.txt for details).

That still doesn't make your Minecraft senses tingle? Well, have a look at these shots:

(Click the link to go to the full-sized version of each picture. They're neat!)

This program is so successful that the creator made it's own convient web site for it. It showcases many videos and more screenshots of the program itself and what it can do! You can visit the website here. and download the program here. Enjoy!

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