Why the Chilean Miners should play Minecraft.

Why the Chilean Miners should play Minecraft.

If you haven't heard of the 33 Chilean Miners then you probably have not been in touch with the news since August 5th. The 33 men were all the rage for the past two months and especially yesterday (10/13/2010). Why? Because all 33 Chilean (32 Chilean, 1 Bolivian actually) miners were rescued in less than 24 hours on October 13, 2010 (10+13+10 = 33 Coincidence?). For 68 days, they have had to beconfined2,300 feet underground with 32 other men. And for 17 days, they knew certain death. But after they were contacted, they startedreceivingsupplies and their spirits rose! They knew they were goingtobe safe. And now all 33 miners are safe and back breathing fresh air. Many people say it was "God's Miracle". But I don't think so, did you see Jesus down there with a Jackhammer? I saw the brave heroic team of the 5 rescuers, USA's NASA designing the "Fenix", and Chilean Engineer's building it.

[caption id="attachment_274" align="alignnone" width="573" caption="Depiction in Minecraft of a Mine."][/caption]

Now with 69 days ofconfinementand limited entertainment, everyone always thinks of one thing "What am I going to do first?". My suggestion: Play freaking Minecraft. Seriously. It's all the rage (on the internet-game side of things) for the past 2 days! And you guys have so much in common! I mean, it's a proven fact that males love video games. Also, what better way to combine your job and video-games then playing Minecraft? It only costs $13 USD for extra stuff, and each of them have been rewarded $5,000,000 Chilean Pesos! That's $10,439.50 in United States Dollars. Not to mention they are each getting iPods, tickets to Greek Islands, and chances of movie/film/interview/spotlight roles... So, playing Minecraft could have a positive effect, there are no collapes for one. They can efficetively cooperating in their own mining adventures using Mine carts and state-of-the-Notch equipment, and go searching for Ore! Oh the joy! The only negative effect is them hearing theambianceof monsters who crawl at night. They can bring back daunting memories.

Now, I don't know if you guys and girls watched the "Operation San Lorenzo" rescue, but I did. Sorta. I watched Rescue 1-3, some others I forgot, and Rescue 31-33. Then I watched the last rescuer come out. This was truly a very spectacle moment for Chile. The whole world was watching. By whole world I mean "untold" millions.

* The article is pure humor.

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