The Gargoyle Temple with a dash of beauty.

The Gargoyle Temple with a dash of beauty.

I have no words but "wow" on this. This is the Gargoyle Temple currently being built by Invaderoz. First of all, these are some wide pictures he's posted. He must be on a really big monitor or have duel because I had to resize this 60%, 60%, 90%. But, lucky for you, he is using a HighDefinitiontexture pack called the Painterly Pack. I've mentioned this pack before and it does wonders on some on some creations. A great example: this. Go ahead, be amazed. I'm sure anyone with a bit of Photoshop skill can remove the crosshair. This would make an amazing desktop wallpaper. So, like I said before, with these project plans of the Lego Gargoyle, it's becoming more and more clear. Minecraft is, slowly but surely, making fans plan out their work and giving them aspirations to do something with life (on the computer)!Anyway, I've blabbed on too long, enjoy.


My latest WIP - Project "Gargoyle Temple"
Texture pack - "The Painterly Pack"
Gargoyle model - Brick Projects


from Sea level:

from Sea level "Blood Moon" rising:

Overview "Blood Moon":


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