Minecraft in real-life. For real.

Minecraft in real-life. For real.

[caption id="attachment_234" align="alignleft" width="167" caption="By LadyRhubarb."][/caption] Ever wanted to make your own blocks and Minecraft character in real life? Well now, you can (and more!). Not only can you make your very own Minecraft character but you can also create your own Creeper, chicken, Zombie, and blocks! It's easy when you have this topic to start off by Zuriki! She also has made the default skin template. chhalo has [caption id="attachment_236" align="alignright" width="151" caption="An zombie mob in-real-life! Eeeek! Brains!"][/caption] also been really nice by giving us the template of the skeleton, chicken, pigPart 1 - Part 2, and the creeper! That's not all folks! Like I said before you can create your own skin, put your Minecraft character, and print it! Here's the generator! Easy to use and simple, I'd say. All you need is the skin. This leaves room to create many skins like the zombie (pictured right), the default mob, and of course... Notch. And the easiest of them all is the blocks! They are really simple to make and I'm sure you know how to. All you need is the right image. That can be obtained by getting the minecraft.jar and looking through it. For example, take a look at TNT by Chrisbes! Another good example is this grass blocks (with a flower) by Sakitu. Ain't it great? It's that easy. For starts, have a stab at this admin-block byTheCheeseman. It's really easy and should motivate you enough to get through! Last but not least, to show in epic proporations of what you can do with paper for Minecraft; look down below. You'll see what I mean. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="542" caption="PuyoDead put in hard work to re-create some forum members of MinecraftForum.net, Notch, and ez!"]Image[/caption]

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